Cricket Forge Wholesale




How to Become a Wholesale Account

In order to qualify for a wholesale account with Cricket Forge, you must be an owner or representative of a valid retail business and able to make wholesale, tax-exempt purchases for resale. We will contact you for your first order once your account is approved

If you are a business in North Carolina, we will need a copy of your North Carolina Resale Certificate (Form E-595E). If you wish to download the form, we have provided the link below. 

(INSERT LINE TO www.dornc.com/downloads/fillin/E595E_webfill.pdf)

Quick and easy way to be approved
A. Provide us with the three images listed below:
1) Inside your store
2) Outside your store
3) Your store sign 
B.Email to: cvega@nullvegametals.com
1) uploaded photos, or
2) direct us to your website, or
3) send us a link to your Facebook.

We look forward to a great partnership with you! And, if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to call us 877-378-9227.

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