Stainless Steel
Dragonfly Garden Stakes

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Set of Three

Let these delightful dragonflies (sold in groups of three) ‘buzz’ in your garden, bestowing on it the magic of first-rate yard art. Cricket Forge has been winning international awards for years because of our originality and artistry of design and the excellence of the highly skilled metal work. Grace your outdoor space with these beautiful objects.

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About Cricket Forge Metal Yard Art

Metal art award awarded many times to Vega Metals, creators of yard art.
“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” — Pablo Picasso

Metal yard art created by Cricket Forge, an offshoot of Vega Metals, can be found primarily in art galleries, upscale garden centers and botanical gardens. Vega Metals began in 1987 and is the recipient of seven international awards for modern iron work. Our hand forged architectural metal art has been featured in numerous trade publications and books devoted to the art of blacksmithing. One of our favorite books, “The Contemporary Blacksmith” by Dona Meilach includes our work, as well as that of many other metal artist-craftsmen. "]

Tree of Life Set, an example of yard art.Outdoor spaces should be a paradise. A place to escape from our harried world. A place to relax and reflect and surround ourselves with beauty, whimsy and peace.

The creative vision of Cricket Forge is clearly stated in each and every piece of metal yard art we make. Cricket Forge’s Butterfly Bench, our very first bench design, is now known as our signature piece. This bench is available in three sizes and continues to be our best seller. Our metal yard art furnishings, garden benches and sculpture grace many private and public gardens throughout the United States.butterfly bench luxury outdoor furniture yard art.

Cricket Forge is Crazy About Quality

Workshop of Vega Metals, creators of

Cricket Forge makes the best quality outdoor garden furniture and garden decor available. We do it all in our Durham, North Carolina USA studio.

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7.5”H x 10”W on a 26″ stainless steel stake

MaintenanceWash with mild soap and water as necessary to remove environmental grime.
MaterialThis original Cricket Forge design is crafted from stainless steel and heated with a torch to give the dragonfly its color.
ColorHeat colored.
Shipping TimeUsually ships within one week.


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Dragonfly Garden Stakes”

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